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Emergency shelter in Hornvík

The emergency shelter in Hornvík.


Passage with ropes

A steep path on which ropes were put in place.

Passage with ropes the other side

The other side

Beach without issues

Tröllakambur if you arrive here, you are on the wrong way !
You must go back to the trail in the cliff a few hundred meters ahead on the left


Rekavík, with the Atlaskarð moutain pass above

þórgunnudalur valley

From the pass, the huge lost þórgunnudalur valley.


Between the Atlaskarð mountain pass and before the descent to Hlöðuvík, a torrent made of water from melting snowfields.
In the background, Rekavíkurfjall mountain


Hlöðuvík with Álfsfell in the center

descent to Búðir

The descent to Búðir​​, the scariest of all ! Totally discouraged with wet weather.

near Búðir

From the valley floor, overlooking the descent just completed with my faithful companion !

Hlöðuvík campsite

My tent on the campground Hlöðuvík at the beach.
It is possible to sleep in Búðir ​​( with showers if I remember well ) but it is much less nature and surroundings were not very clean when I was there.

Day 5 : Hlöðuvik - Fljótavik

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